Urgent Appeal For Laptops For School Children Who Need Online Access


We are delighted to announce that, with your support, we have raised enough funds to buy 34 laptops which have been set up in our youth clubs for immediate use by the vulnerable children that we work with.  Due to challenging home situations, they are unable to complete any online learning at home, so it really will make a huge difference.

The quick response from many of you was truly fantastic, including four local trusts The Lightbulb Trust, Grove Trust, Kusuma Trust and Dr Edward’s Bishop King’s Fulham Charity.

Over the last week we have also identified a further 36 young people in households where many siblings are sharing one device, making home learning virtually impossible.

One young person’s situation:
“I come from a big family and we share a 3-bedroom flat. We have one tablet that I have to share with my sisters and we all need to be online at the same time. I’m using my phone when I can to join lessons…but I can’t see the work …so I don’t do it… I’m finding it really hard, I’m bored all the time, and getting in trouble.  If I had a laptop I would share it with (one of) my sisters.” Harrow Club Senior member

We are therefore looking to raise funds for an additional 36 laptops, which would be loaned out to these families and would very much welcome any contribution that you can make to help us reach our target.

And finally, we also ask for your support in one other way – if you have any unused or spare laptops at work or home that you are willing to donate, we can put them to good use in either our clubs or on loan to young people.

If you are interested in donating either funds or laptops, please contact our COO Ros Oxley, at ros@harrowclubw10.org

With best wishes

Michael Defoe

Thank you for your generosity

Harrow Club Trustees, Management Team and all Staff and Volunteers