We are raising funds to support young people at risk of significant harm.

Through the Big Give appeal your donation will be doubled!


Today is the launch of the Christmas Big Give appeal, where we are raising funds for our unique Another Way programme.  Our team provide support and mentoring to young people who are at risk.  They work out in the streets, late at night providing support and mentoring to young people who are often in dangerous situations.   This work has continued throughout the pandemic and will continue no matter what happens over the next few months.

Hear first hand from our dedicated and passionate team:


Why this role?  Because I believe that with all my experience and knowledge, I can help young people to make better decisions in their lives.

What is rewarding about working on AW Project?  Seeing the lives of our members change for the better.


Why this role?  I have lived experience of the issues affecting our members, so I can relate to them. I want to give back to the young members of my community so they too can overcome their challenges.

What are the challenges of working on the AW Project?  Some young people are very hard to reach as they are so entrenched in their lifestyle and behaviours.


Why this role?  I am passionate about change and healing and am deeply concerned about the level of violence in our society. This role gives me a platform to have a positive impact on the lives of our members.

What are the challenges?  We are working with traumatized young people with extensive needs and for whom, without the right support, this will take its toll.

We hope to raise £100,000 to support our invaluable work.  All donations made through the Christmas Big Give will be doubled.  Please give what you can to keep young people and the wider community, where you live, safer.

Thank you again for all your support.

Harrow Club Trustees, Management Team and all Staff and Volunteers