Debate Boxing

Designed as a behavioural intervention for disengaged pupils who are at risk of exclusion, this programme combines verbal and physical training to help channel their energy and skills.

Bored and disengaged at school? At risk of exclusion? Our Debate Box programme is a thrilling way to channel energy into a positive activity. Partnering with Debate Mate – a charity that teaches key skills through after-school debating clubs – the programme combines their interactive lessons with boxing coaching from London Sports Trust. Students focus on the shared skills needed for both boxing and debating: learning strategy, self-confidence, focus, composure and hard work.

We are developing this programme to make a real impact to particularly marginalised and at risk groups or those who often lack opportunities to take part in sport and develop team-building skills. We have recently piloted approaches with transition year students in Year 7, a girls-only group and young people who are involved in gangs.

We have excellent feedback from participating schools and groups and this is a proven intervention that has improved confidence, behaviour and attainment for the majority taking part.