Become a Life Coach

Life Coaching for local young people. What’s this project about?

Grit Charity and The Harrow Club, in partnership with two local schools (KAA and All Saints) are delivering a personal development program for their students. We have opportunities for volunteers to coach and support students to make the most of their education, developing their skills and talents for the future.

What will I get for my time?

  • Participation in the Grit Life Coach training designed and delivered by some of the best trainers in the field of personal and professional development.
  • Having the experience and satisfaction of directly coaching a student and witnessing their development.
  • Improved leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills – increasing effectiveness at work and in relationships with family and friends.
  • A better understanding of young people and issues affecting their lives.


Volunteer Workshop – Fri (6.30-9.30pm), Sat/Sun (9am-5pm)

You will need to attend on the following dates:

  • 10th March Evening
  • 11th March Daytime
  • 12th March Daytime
  • 20th April Daytime

On the 20 April 2023 you will be matched with the young person you will coach.


The type of volunteer we need

You do not need any specific skills or previous experience to be a life coach with Grit. We are looking for adults who want to make a difference and have the enthusiasm, commitment, and time to make it happen.

Having experience with young people would be advantage but by no means a necessity. Many previous Life Coaches have had no previous experience but have been very successful in working with the young people.

We will need the following:

  • You are aged 21+
  • Be able commit to coaching a young person, fortnightly, face to face, for 6 months, between April and September 2023 (arrangements can be made for holidays)
  • Attend a monthly top up session to receive support and coaching to support you in your role.
  • Undergo an enhanced DBS check


This all takes place in North Kensington

Training will take place at the Harrow Club, 1-2-1 sessions at the schools

Apply Now!

We will contact people in the last week of February please contact for further information.

Deadline for applications is 28th February



“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity Grit created for me to become a life coach and to support a student at a pivotal time in their life. I had both the pleasure of imparting my lived and learnt experiences through the Grit approach and watching this young man grow both in confidence and in aspirations and also I realised I was growing my own outlook on life and how I can make a meaningful difference in the community where I live.” –

“With Grit I feel like a member of a new family. You know there is an open mindedness. It’s a family that understands the journey you are about to go on and my life coach become a true mentor and supporter for me. They did a lot of listening and asking questions that enabled me to understand where I am and where I wanted to get to.”

“I’m always looking for solutions to the dilemmas of working with young people where the usual behavioural and support strategies are just not cutting it. When I first met Grit, I saw the opportunity for young people and staff to really change who they were and how they were defining themselves. I saw a chance to change the conversations they were having so they could be the best version of themselves. I saw a different way of working with young people in school.”

“Grit changes the way people think, how they relate to each other. It changes the way people believe in each other, how they believe in themselves.”