Wetherby Prep School x Harrow Club Fundraiser

We would like to say a huge thank you to Wetherby Prep School which held its school drinks and fundraiser at and for the benefit of the Harrow Club this year.  Alongside a wonderful evening of drinks and canapés the attendees enjoyed performances from the youth clubs, the dance programme showcased their latest routine and there was a joint performance by the Wetherby Choir and the Junior Youth Club.  The event was an incredible success and the generosity of Wetherby parents and Mr Snell has allowed us to go ahead with a great number of very important, but to date under-funded, activities for our young people.

We would also like to say how incredibly thankful we are to our table hosts and guests who have supported our Debate Box Dinner last Autumn so generously.  This event hosts the finale of the Debate Box Project where pupils who have been through the programme compete with each other using their new talents of debating and boxing.  Following the event, the pupils were full of enthusiasm and confidence and in shock at what they had achieved in the ring.  The event has run for three very successful years and has raised awareness of the Harrow Club in the wider community.  It is not the normal charity dinner!