1 day left to double your donation!


Thanks to your incredible support we are nearly half way to our target.  We now have just over one day left to match fund all donations through the Christmas Big Give Appeal, where every donation made to our Another Way programme will be doubled!

Our unique programme improves community safety by providing targeted support to young people aged 14-24 who are at high risk of being either victims or perpetrators of serious youth violence.

Tara’s story:

Tara, aged 17, left home and was sofa surfing.  Tara was involved in holding and transporting drugs and was at risk of further exploitation and violence from gang members. She recently met our Another Way team and is now being supported through the programme:

“I feel like I have made so many mistakes in life already and feel like I can’t trust anyone. I don’t get on with my mum and she has a new family with my step dad. I am lucky I can stay with my friend but I can’t stay on the sofa forever. I can’t afford to rent anywhere and I needed a way to make money.”

The Another Way team are currently working with Tara through weekly mentoring and advice sessions to try and secure a more sustainable place to live and access to employment training.

Any donation made will be doubled through the Christmas Big Give Appeal.  Please give what you can to keep young people and the wider community, where you live, safer.
  • Donate £50 and it will be doubled to £100 – which can pay for a meal for 20 young people at our late night session
  • Donate £100 and it will be doubled to £200 – which could cover the cost of the transport for our detached youth work for a week
  • Donate £250 and it will be doubled to £500 – which can cover the costs of a staff team of four to deliver a 4 hour late-night session
  • Donate £500 and it will be doubled to £1000 – which can cover the cost of running our specialist girls support project for one month – this project works with young women at risk of sexual/criminal exploitation
  • Donate £1000 and it will be doubled to £2000 – which can pay the costs of mentoring a young person over a 6-month period on a weekly basis, providing a vital trusted adult during difficult times, supporting at-risk young people to turn their lives around

Thank you again for all your support.

Harrow Club Trustees, Management Team and all Staff and Volunteers