Our History

The Harrow Club was formed in 1883 as The Harrow Mission Church, both funded and designed by old Harrovians from Harrow School. First Missioner William Law recognised the need for provision in the impoverished Notting Dale area and set up the mission with the desire to improve the quality of life for local people, aiding harmony and promoting opportunity.

Since 1883, the Harrow Club has been anchored in the local community, working with young people to address needs related to disadvantage and poverty. Roughly a decade ago, the Harrow Club acquired three satellite clubs in White City, Sands End and Old Oak.

On top of a range of issues that are affecting disadvantaged young people in the local community, many of our young people have also suffered greatly from the impact of the Grenfell Fire tragedy. The Harrow Club lost four of its young people to the fire. Preliminary research conducted for LB RBKC in July 2018 (A Journey to Recovery) has already identified high levels of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder facing people of all ages who live locally and there will be many longer term consequences that will affect the mental health of individuals and the social fabric of the community for years to come. The Harrow Club aims to support our young people to overcome the impact of this tragedy.

Since its inception, the Harrow Club has served thousands of children and young people. Today, we work with roughly 350-400 children and young people every week across all five clubs.