Read about the latest initiatives at the Harrow Club


Before we start our exciting summer programme we wanted to share some of the incredible work and progress the Harrow Club has made with many of the young people who, with your help, we are able to support.  Below are some highlights of what’s been happening:

Supporting young people with learning and behavioural challenges
Our Alternative Education programme is for young people who have learning and behavioural difficulties at school and who may be excluded.  Many face challenges at home, or are involved with social services.  The Harrow Club provides educational and behavioural support to these young people:

Without the right guidance and support, Mo* is at high risk of being excluded from school and potentially engaging in criminal activity.

“Without the club and this 1-2-1 support Mo would be unable to follow any routine in these unprecedented times as routine and stability are key to his behaviour. He also needs to offload his endless energy, which he is only able to do at the Harrow club with their space. For a child with ADHD like Mo, Harrow Club has been a life saver through these very tough times.”
*name changed

Meeting growing need in the South of the borough
In response to rising violence amongst young people in the South of the borough, we launched the Chelsea Youth Club. We are delighted to report that we now have a membership of over 50.

Supporting the Traveller Community 
The Harrow Club runs a very unique project with this often overlooked community in North Kensington. Young people in the Traveller community can find the school environment challenging, so we provide both homework support as well as support around personal development and integration into the local community.

Alex*, aged 10, from the Traveller community is one of eight siblings, all of whom live in a three-bedroom mobile trailer with their mother. Dad is absent due to severe domestic violence issues. The domestic violence Alex experienced in his early childhood was extreme and was the primary factor for him being excluded from mainstream school and placed in a Pupil Referral Unit by the age of five.

The pandemic really had an impact on Alex’s development since returning to school he is finding the structure and day extremely intense. He requires support in literacy, but his competence in math’s is growing, particularly when calculating. He enjoys boxing and football.

Alex has been coming to the Harrow Club and is responding well to staff and has become an ambassador for our young members. We work with his school, home and Youth Services, and hope that Alex will continue to flourish and reintegrate into mainstream school, maximising his future prospects. 
*name changed

Offering employment opportunities to 4 young people
Through the government Kickstart scheme we are able to offer young people the chance to learn new skills with viable employment opportunities.  We have so far recruited 4 new members to the team, who will be with us for the next six months.

Thank you again for all your support.

Harrow Club Trustees, Management Team and all Staff and Volunteers